We may not be teaching at Tittensor Village Hall after 2015 but we do have plans to keep ourselves (and you) busy with lots of stitching projects and patterns.

Heritage Quilts

We have launched a range of patterns based on Barbara's extensive collection of vintage quilts. Quilts from other private collections wil be added in due course. Predictably, with our usual flair for the obvious, we have called this collection - Heritage Quilts. To begin with you can find them listed and for sale on our Payhip page. Buying the patterns from Payhip is easy  - choose your pattern, click on the 'buy' button and you'll be taken to a secure page to cough up your fiver (yes, they are only £5) via Pay Pal or debit/credit card. You will then get an email link to download and print your chosen pattern(s). Non-EU purchasers can buy these patterns from our Craftsy Heritage Quilts page.


And now here is the long-awaited  . . .

Quilts Beneath your Feet (A tribute to Minton Tiles)

Our next major pattern range is inspired by Minton tiled floors and doorsteps. We gave the first one a trial run at a Chris and Barbara workshop - cunningly disguised as a Mystery Quilt.  Each pattern will show the individual floor or porch and an EQ plan. Our experience so far shows that these designs look stunning in any of the ranges of 'plains' but also work well in any colour/fabric combination. You will find this first pattern for sale on Payhip.